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E-Commerce is a powerful way to establish online presence and ensure you capitalise on every opportunity. We build online stores whilst providing custom solutions intelligently catered for retailers & B2B businesses.

/Sales Assist

Our SalesAssist program guides & helps businesses to improve online visibility, search traffic, social media awareness and increase customers’ interaction in terms of inquiries, calls and quotes.

/Business System

We offer customised business systems specifically created for retailers and wholesalers to ensure their data is managed efficiently. We use powerful cloud based ERP systems integrated with API technologies.

/Data Cleansing

Whether you are a retailer or wholesaler, DATA is the main factor for trading online. If DATA is corrupt, it creates complex issues for every stage of the business. VTH optimise and resolve data issues to ensure all business systems are run smoothly.

/Snap Studio

Images are a key component in ensuring your products are viewed and purchased online. Snap Studio helps elevate the stress caused by lack of images and offers convenient solutions for businesses that are struggling with products’ images.

/In-store Kiosk

Digital engagement is a key component of retail strategy, combining your online presence with your in-store products and services is what VTH specialise in. Touch Screen Kiosk is a great way to engage with your customers offering solutions with just click of a button.

Our Partners

At VTH we partner with the best systems, solutions and technology companies in the industry to help our clients succeed. Whether you're a new client looking for a solution or you're an existing client looking for a new system at VTH, we have partnered with the leading providers of software in the Timber & Hardware industry.

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Our Clients Testimonial

If you are stuck with an accounting system and POS that is labour intensive and outdated, if your website and store retail approach are needing an overhaul then contact VTH. They have offered us a cost-effective amazing solution and we thoroughly recommend them.

Soraya Barnham, Business Manager – Almar Industrial Supplies

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