Snap Studio

Getting product images is a key component of your marketing strategy, e-commerce requires them but often your customers need them as well for catalogues and in-store promotions. Buying Groups and customers are demanding high quality images that meet certain criteria and that makes it hard for the average photographer to get it right. At VTH we have seen this issue and as industry experts in data, e-commerce and systems we are perfectly placed to help ensure that you can get the images you need, quickly and easily. No longer do you need to worry about this labour-intensive problem, just leave it to the Timber & Hardware experts VTH to take the images required to propel your business into the future.

Images of your products are very important, and at VTH we understand that its actually what you do with the images when you have them that is equally important. We don’t just take images we catalogue them, utilising the skills we learnt from Data Cleansing to ensure that images can be mapped to the correct product properly. We can also load the images into Vesta Central our partner or into other platforms if required. Ensuring that we are not just taking images but adding value to the process.

How it works?

Snap Studios is designed to make this process as easy as can be. We can come to you and take the images at your work, or you can drop off the product to us. We can catalogue the images in a variety of ways and load them to Vesta Central for easy sharing between your customers. Images are compliant with the major retail requirements for images, not all products are the same and as VTH are specialists in this area we understand this, so we give instructions regarding the range of product to ensure the samples photographed are as good as can be.

Instead of trying to do this yourself and getting it wrong let Snap Studios do the heavy lifting for you, we are the perfect partner for taking, cataloguing and sharing the images of your products and ensuring your business has what it needs. The convenience of our partnership with Vesta Central means your Snap Studio images are mapped to your master data providing a single source of truth.

Contact the VTH sales team now and ask for an obligation free quote of the services Snap Studio can provide, don’t put it off and wait till you have time to take the images yourself Snap Studios by VTH is ready to start photographing your products today.

We are specialists at providing e-commerce systems and solutions to our clients that cater to the demands of your industry.

Providing valuable solutions that create new opportunities in the Timber & Hardware industry our team at VTH understand the rigours of this industry and can tailor the right solution for your business.