Touch Screens + Digital Signage

Touch Screen technology can work in your business to help you provide information to your customers easier and quicker than ever before. Boost your customer service and consumer engagement in store with a solution that allows them to search for it themselves whilst in your business. Imagine a solution where consumers can search for product information on all the products you don’t stock and allowing them to order those from you whilst in store. Also emailing themselves DIY guides or watching videos whilst in store.

Touch Screen Kiosks from VTH allow you to create instore customer experiences that are unique and help you grow sales. Using the power of the internet to create a Touch Screen Kiosk that taps into the vast range of product you not only stock but can get in will help boost your in-store experience for the customer. Customers want to get more than just what’s on the shelf, deliver the enriched content regarding each product to them via a VTH Touch Screen kiosk to help ensure they buy the right product from you.

Digital Signage is not just an opportunity to showcase products available from your key suppliers but inform and educate your customers on the happenings within your business and community. A VTH Touch Screen kiosk is the perfect solution to engage the best of both worlds, why pay for a digital signage option stick up on a wall behind your trade counter, get it out on the floor where it can be a digital signage solution but when people touch it the kiosk can offer more features including being able to take orders.

Key Benefits

  • Engaging Customers
  • Providing excellent customer experience
  • Showcasing all product in a platform
  • Offers more variety
  • Fully Customisable according to your needs
And much MORE!

How it works?

VTH customise its Touch Screen kiosks to suit your business, not any 2 Timber and Hardware stores are exactly the same, so we try and ensure the kiosk is a fit for what you need. Whether it be to simply show your online store in store, or to combine your current website with a special-order product catalogue only VTH have the skills required to bring together all the CMS tools required to make this work in the Timber and Hardware industry. Combining Digital signage with a in store digital catalogue may be the best option and VTH can ensure the product data is accurate utilising its partnership with Vesta Central.

Simply contact VTH and ask for an obligation free consultation where our sales team will work out what you want the kiosk to do and what tools are required to ensure the kiosk works in your store to generate sales. The VTH touch Screen kiosks can be leased for short or long terms and are a great additional to a conference, trade night or builders breakfast as they really engage the customers interest and ensure the products you are promoting are seen.

We are specialists at providing e-commerce systems and solutions to our clients that cater to the demands of your industry.

Providing valuable solutions that create new opportunities in the Timber & Hardware industry our team at VTH understand the rigours of this industry and can tailor the right solution for your business.