Data Cleansing

What does Data cleansing entail and why is it so important to get your data cleansed? What does data cleansing mean? The principle is simple I guess, Crap data in means crap data out. Or put another way if your system has crap data in it you can only extract what’s there, so crap in my system means I can get crap out. You can’t improve crap, you can make it better crap, but it is still crap.

Please don’t get offended at this point, crap data is an industry wide issue. It is in some cases inherited from previous systems or created a long time ago by employees that didn’t think it would be an issue and it is still hanging around but either way it is crap and it needs to be cleaned.

It can be as simple as duplicate product codes that need to be identified, but the process of identifying them isn’t easy if you don’t have the tools or the time. If your data is in ok shape doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean it, as enriching your data is vitally important to ensure you get the maximum benefit of the data for the future.

Ensuring your data works for your business and doesn’t interrupt any of your profitability is our focus, we can ensure it is not only cleansed but stored and distributed as you require it and integrating any cleansed data with our partners like Vesta Central allows you to sit back and let the experts take care of it for you.

how it works?

The process of Data Cleansing is difficult to do yourself, but extremely beneficial to your business if you can achieve it. VTH are experts in this area, the process involves integration of data sets, reconstruction of missing data, standardisation and normalisation of the data, identifying and removing duplicates, validating the data and enriching it. These steps are just some of the process to provide you with Data that is cleansed so that you can then utilise it in the future to ensure all the opportunities you are presented with via the internet can be acted upon quickly and efficiently.

It can also be very helpful if you are migrating between systems or trying to integrate your data between systems. VTH Data Cleansing is a unique service for the Timber & Hardware industry offered exclusively by VTH, serviced by a designated team of people trained not only in Data Cleansing but experienced in the data issues faced by Timber and Hardware retailers and suppliers.

If you interested in talking to an expert in this area contact us here for a no obligation discussion about our data cleansing services.

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