Business systems

Our expertise in understanding your current and future demands along with industry knowledge our team possess sets us apart from the rest. We talk your language, we understand what drives your business and the perfect system can help ensure success. Powerful ERP business systems, the latest cloud based technologies, integrated via state-of-the-art API technology gives you the edge and makes VTH the perfect choice for your next business system. Choose from a custom designed suite of products to build the perfect system for your business. VTH has partnered with the leaders in the Timber & Hardware software industry to ensure we have the best tools. But even with the best system you need people to help make it happen and that is where VTH is second to none, out team of software analysts have 100’s of years of combined experience in dealing with this industry and are ready to service you with exactly what you need.

Systems shouldn’t be islands, they should be connected to ensure the most efficient use of the technology and to lower the cost in the channel. That is why we are specialists in the EDI processes this industry requires, VTH has partnered with the pioneers in this area for Timber & Hardware and you can get the benefit of this expertise in your business. VTH customers are utilising EDI now to eliminate receipting incoming gods and to ensure accuracy with purchasing and their accounts.

Is your current business system e-commerce ready? At VTH we are the specialists in this area, our business started as e-commerce provider to Timber & Hardware stores so we know the issues creating new channels like online sales can cause. We have learnt what is required and made all the mistakes, so we know what a system needs if it is to Join the Dots effectively.

how it works?

VTH specialise in the systems that complete the whole supply chain, we are in the “Joining the Dots business”. Using the latest technology VTH can provide a system from one of partners in this area First Software or Timbersmart and these systems come with exclusive access to a fully integrated version of Vesta Central. No system can perform without data, data is like the new oil and that makes our partnership with Vesta Central so valuable as they are the industry experts in this area. If it is a POS for a retail operation or a as retailer you are manufacturing, we have you covered. Likewise sawmills and manufactures can benefit from the TimberSmart product and its years of leading this area of the industry. Integration with hand held devices is key in the retail and wholesale environments and we have dedicated resource it this area to ensure you get the service and support you need. Part of the VTH competitive advantage is we are the only provider to the Timber & Hardware industry that offer cloud based and dedicated server based systems, so you can choose what is best for your business.

But what really makes this work is the people and the combined years of experience. We believe that we are most valuable as a partner to your business and that is where our real strengths are, we understand the challenges this industry faces with its data and we are committed to becoming the industry leader in fully integrated business systems. Enquire with VTH today and see what the future of business systems looks like.

We are specialists at providing e-commerce systems and solutions to our clients that cater to the demands of your industry.

Providing valuable solutions that create new opportunities in the Timber & Hardware industry our team at VTH understand the rigours of this industry and can tailor the right solution for your business.